Transcript I have the results of the poll we’ve all been waiting for: The most accurate personality test. I wanted this poll to be easily accessible, so I tweeted it and it reached the entire world. Here are the results. At 25%, turns out that it’s the most rare […]

The Results of the Most Accurate Poll

Transcript A guy was late to work every day last week because people kept stopping him to pet his dog. And because the dog was a corgi,  people took extra time to bend down to reach the dog. And then people took even more time to snap selfies together. They […]

Guy Late To Work, Blames It On His Dog

 Transcript A local car wash was having a sale so I took my car in to get it cleaned. But as I drove out of the carwash, I noticed a little problem. Half of my car was missing. The entire back end of my car was sliced clean off! […]

Car Wash 50% Off