Depression by Tanya Pshenychny
 Transcript It can happen to anyone. One of the most unhealthiest health issues, and a good reason to spend more time on your phone, is depression. Val, who was 53 years old at his time of death back in 2012, was on a mission to cure his depression. So […]

Man Cures His Depression By Texting Family From His Grave

Immigration Is Boring But At Least There Are Puzzles
Transcript Once again, I have experienced immigration. I moved across the street to my new headquarters. There’s a lot more space here. Now I actually have the space to step back so you can check out my enormous walls. But the worst part of every immigration is that there’s nothing […]

Immigration Is Boring But At Least There Are Puzzles

 Transcript I have the results of the poll we’ve all been waiting for: The most accurate personality test. I wanted this poll to be easily accessible, so I tweeted it and it reached the entire world. Here are the results. At 25%, turns out that it’s the most rare […]

The Results of the Most Accurate Poll