Immigration Is Boring But At Least There Are Puzzles


Once again, I have experienced immigration. I moved across the street to my new headquarters. There’s a lot more space here. Now I actually have the space to step back so you can check out my enormous walls.

But the worst part of every immigration is that there’s nothing to do. My new apartment was completely empty and I got bored pretty quick. So, I bought some puzzles.

Immigration furniture puzzle

When I put the puzzles together, they turned out to be stuff like a chair, a desk, and all kinds of furniture, which is all very convenient since I didn’t have any furniture yet.

I had left my old furniture in my old apartment for the next tenant to enjoy, but this new apartment didn’t have any furniture because whoever lived here before me, when they moved out they took the furniture with them. Yeah, people are so inconsiderate.

But I’m glad I put all the puzzles together because they were very hard and I got to say swear words, like “fuck”, a lot. I don’t say swear words like “fuck” in these videos because I’m a professional on the job. But when I’m off work I do say “fuck” a lot.

Anyway, all of these puzzles were super expensive and now I’m trying to get better at saving money.  One of the best and easiest ways to save money is to save the change you find between couch cushions, so I’m gonna go buy myself a couch.


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