Transcript A bench was found empty yesterday evening at Weeping Willow Park. Despite all the trees surrounding it, not one of them attempted to sit down and let the bench do its job—by being a bench for everyone to enjoy. The nearest weeping willow, upon being asked why it […]

Empty Bench Taken For Granted

My Farts
 Transcript I took a break from Twitter and didn’t tell anyone. AND EVERYONE NOTICED. Well, no one asked me about it but trust me, I know everyone was wondering what happened. So I’m sharing my first-hand experience of what it was like to not tweet because it’s my job, […]

I Took A Break From Twitter And Didn’t Tell Anyone. This Is My Story.

Improve your health and wellbeing nightly by disconnecting all your electronics, taking deep breaths, and reading a good book while enjoying a nice cup of teeth. Yes, a cup of teeth will give you your much-needed quiet time because your family and roommates will freak out and get the hell […]

The Best Health Benefits Of Drinking Teeth