The Bus Stop Waiter
The length of this hero’s time as a hero is only as long as the arrival time of the 147 Outer Drive Express. Could this be you? If you don’t own a car because you care about your impact on your environment. By walking, you’re saving the Earth with each […]

Average Heroes #3: The Bus Stop Waiter

Here, birdy birdy!
Believe it or not, there are super-average people out there who do super-average things. These people are not ordinary. They are extra ordinary! (No, no, they’re not extraordinary. They are ordinary, plus even more ordinary.) Some of them enjoy coffee with cream and sugar. Some fart and blame it on […]

Average Heroes #1: The Pigeon Whisperer

On an escalator. On my way to catch a Redline train. Out of nowhere, there’s a voice behind me: “I heard they’re going to start putting Viagra into Chapstick. They want people to keep a stiff upper lip.” I laugh. I turn around. I find a tiny, elder lady, wearing […]

Wisdom: Viagra Makes A Great Point