Average Heroes #3: The Bus Stop Waiter

The length of this hero’s time as a hero is only as long as the arrival time of the 147 Outer Drive Express. Could this be you?

If you don’t own a car because you care about your impact on your environment. By walking, you’re saving the Earth with each one of your minimized carbon footprints at a time! But if you have to get somewhere faster, you take public transportation. If this is so, then you are:

The Bus Stop Waiter

Average Hero #3: The Bus Stop Waiter

You are drinking coffee at sunrise and waiting for a morning bus so it’s safe to bet that your name is Dawn. Yeah. Probably.

(Wait, is this a sunrise or a sunset? Are we facing east or west?  Maybe there’s tea instead of coffee in that cup? Is this the stop for the Southbound or Northbound 147 Outer Drive Express bus?  What street is this on? Why are there so many variables to consider?)


Then, when the bus arrives, you will no longer be The Bus Stop Waiter. You will become: The Bus Rider.

But only temporarily! And after that— only you know. And It depends on where you’re going and millions of variables. Wherever it is, I hope you don’t become: The Lost Wanderer.

Godspeed, fellow traveler.