How To Get Frigid Weather To Warm Up

Bitter Cold Illustration

The weather has been giving us the cold shoulder, again.

Weather is a pretty big deal. Not only is it popular among small-talk enthusiasts. There’s even a whole TV channel and website dedicated to the weather. It seems to be the most-watched reality star.

When weather throws a fit, the paparazzi, also known as storm-chasers, hunt down for photos of its outbursts. Weather sure knows how to take us for a spin and some of us are getting sick of it.

But perhaps this Bipolar Vortex Express of a climate is our fault.

Maybe we’ve put weather in unfair situations time and again by comparing it to other weather. Like, that gorgeous Southern California’s weather… Oops, we just did it again, didn’t we?

We can fix this! It’s never too late to show our weather some love. We can do this by telling everyone that our weather is really nice and truly is the fairest of them all.

It may not happen overnight, but if we keep saying how beautiful our weather is, over time, it has to eventually warm up to us. So by summertime, it might get pretty hot and steamy, if you know what we mean, WINK-WINK, NUDGE-NUDGE.