Aldi Floors Actually Made Of Cheese Slices

Cheesy Floor

A recent shopping trip to an Aldi grocery store revealed that the store’s floor is actually hardened Colby Jack cheese. Aldi has always used unique ways in which it passed the savings on to their shoppers. Part of the charm of the grocery chain is the low-cost food.

Dangerously Cheesy?Aldi shoppers are encouraged to bring their own shopping bags to take home the groceries or purchase a bags for 10 cents each. Shoppers may also get a cardboard box off a product isle to use for the groceries. Great for cat owners. Not so great for people who don’t want to look like they’re carrying a lifetime supply of peanut butter in public. Aldi does provide shopping carts, but they’re locked and require a deposit of a quarter to use one. These carts are usually returned back where they belong, until someone who doesn’t do coin-operated laundry (or doesn’t do laundry at all) leaves a cart in a random spot at the parking lot. If you get that cart and put it back, and that’s a free quarter for you! Cha-ching! We could not reach an Aldi employee for comment on the Colby Jack cheese floor tiles because we waited in a really long checkout line and forgot to ask by the time it was our turn.