PACIFIC OCEAN — Due to the increased sea glass hunting and decreased littering, sea glass is becoming an endangered species. Sea glass activists and environmentalists urge beach-goers to bring more colorful glass bottles and break them at the beach. Not much is known about the mating life of sea glass because it […]

How To Save The Mysterious Life of the Endangered Sea Glass

CHICAGO — It became clear that the entire OK Go concert at Lincoln Hall on August 15, 2014 was actually a secret audition held by the band to find additional singers and dancers, when lead singer and guitarist, Damian Kulash, asked members of the audience to join the band on stage. OK Go must […]

EXCLUSIVE: OK Go Adds 503 New Band Members At Secret Audition

SAN FRANCISCO — A family of cakes caused traffic to screech to a halt as they were crossing the street, officials said. The confections were not injured. However, at least 8 people had to be rushed to a cafe to be treated for severe salivation. The cakewalk happened just a few minutes after a nearby pastry shop filed a police […]

Traffic Jam Caused By A Cake And Her Cups