EXCLUSIVE: OK Go Adds 503 New Band Members At Secret Audition


CHICAGO — It became clear that the entire OK Go concert at Lincoln Hall on August 15, 2014 was actually a secret audition held by the band to find additional singers and dancers, when lead singer and guitarist, Damian Kulash, asked members of the audience to join the band on stage.

OK Go must have been so astonished by the performances of the audience members, who sang and danced to their songs all evening, that they asked all 503 of them to join.

I happened to become one of those 503 lucky, new OK Go band members that night. We climbed up on the stage and went right to work of singing and dancing with the band. It might have looked a little crowded on stage, but no one on the floor could complain, since there was no longer an audience.

During the performance, Kulash welcomed the new band members by baptizing us with his sweat drops.  We were compensated for our time and talent with blasts of biodegradable non-fat vegan confetti.

No word yet on our next show as a full 507-member OK Go band because we’re having difficulties finding a large enough tour bus.