This young, hardworking squirrel is named Bear. He lives in Milwaukee and has been diagnosed with The Squirrel Diabeetus. But his battle with this disease has been silent because Bear doesn’t have things that we humans tend to take for granted, like being able to afford the internet, and the ability to speak English. It wasn’t […]

One Squirrel’s Fight Against Diabeetus

A sick, new drinking game is sweeping the nation. All the super cool people are doing it. The rules of the game: You must be sick with a cold You must take a shot of cold medicine every time 4 hours go by Your favorite liquid cold medicine, like DayQuil […]

Drinking Game For People Sick With Colds

Learn Your Life Purpose By Drinking Coffee
Okay. So. Don’t trip but I totally forgot to add another step to last week’s illustrarticle, 3 Easy Steps to Total Mind Control. This step really deserves an illustrarticle all on its own because it isn’t much of a step while it’s the most important of all steps. Yes, even […]

Learn Your Life Purpose by Drinking Coffee