The Truth About Easter That Your Kids Should Never Ever Find Out

Easter Bunny's Little Helpers illustation

A group of former Playboy Bunnies confirmed Wednesday that, again this year, they will be spending Saturday night and early Sunday morning hiding colorful eggs for your children to find on Easter Day. The women said that they’ve been doing this because they’ve had a lot of time on their hands after the closing of the Playboy Clubs.

The Easter Bunny himself wasn’t available for comment, but The Bunnies report that he continues to outsource the work to them because he doesn’t have time to hide Easter eggs for every child in the world in one night and, instead, spends more time with his own family. Especially since his wife has just given birth to their 327th child.

Kelly Green, the green Bunny, commends all the parents for doing such a great job of continuing to keep this business a secret from their kids so they can be blissfully surprised while hunting for eggs on Easter morning. Green is on the road a lot now, but she’s is an a expat of Galesburg, IL who started working for the Easter Bunny in 2005 when she dropped out of an online art school because she ran out of money. In this economy, she says that she’s lucky to have a job that matches her outfit.