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Tatyana is the illustrator and writer of IllustrArticles. She's an artist and actor based in Los Angeles, CA. Follow her on Twitter: @razorberries

Toddler chasing a pigeon
NEW YORK—What seemed to be a regular sunny Tuesday afternoon in Madison Square Park was overshadowed by a crime taking place. A toddler committed copyright infringement by chasing after a pigeon. Lots of children chase pigeons but to legally chase a pigeon, you have to register first. What sets this […]

Adorable Toddler Committed Copyright Infringement

PARK—A dog and its puppy came up to me Monday night and acted as if they’ve known me for years. They kept jumping up and wagging their tails, trying to get me to lean over to pet them. I felt obligated to do something. I mean, what if we have […]

Awkward Encounter Caused By Selfish Dogs