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Tatyana is the illustrator and writer of IllustrArticles. She's an artist and actor based in Los Angeles, CA. Follow her on Twitter: @razorberries

On an escalator. On my way to catch a Redline train. Out of nowhere, there’s a voice behind me: “I heard they’re going to start putting Viagra into Chapstick. They want people to keep a stiff upper lip.” I laugh. I turn around. I find a tiny, elder lady, wearing […]

Wisdom: Viagra Makes A Great Point

Ever feel like you’re roughing out in the wild, right there in your own apartment? No heat? No hot water? No problem! Next time you’re washing your hands in the cold water, just rub your hands together really fast to create a fire. You won’t get burned because the pouring […]

How To Warm Your Hands in Cold Water