Why are you here?

It’s because you’re curious, adventurous, bold. You clicked that ‘About’ button without knowing WHAT it was about, you daredevil you!

Alright, you asked for it:

IllustrArticles is an online newspaper of illustrated articles about important stuff. It’s updated whenever important stuff happens, and sometimes Thursdays. IllustrArticles is written and illustrated by illustrajournalist Tanya Pshenychny. She’s also a an illustrator and writer in Chicago.

As the world’s most trusted illustrajournalist, Pshenychny travels in a fancy paper car, the #RazorRover, and covers the important news and stories that other media companies don’t.

Tanya’s last name Pshenychny is pronounced PSHEH-NEECH-NIH. The P isn’t silent, it tinkles.

Inquiries contact: tanya[at]illustrarticles.com