Socially Awkward Illustrator Is Selected As A Winner Of Land Rover’s Social Media Contest

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In an odd twist of events, our own illustrator Tanya Pshenychny became a second-time celebrity after Land Rover USA‘s #IAmDriven social media contest. Her first time was when we hired her to work as our illustrator. She had this to say:

“I’m so excited to be #LandRoverFamous! Someday I may even get to #RoveTheLandInALandRover. A car like that could sure transport a lot of paintings and emotional baggage through some rough terrain. Like, the Pacific Ocean or those fun, colorful ball pits.”

“Oh, and be sure to use the most flattering picture of me for this story because I need to keep milking this event for a long time.”

To promote the New Range Rover Sport, Jaguar’s Land Rover USA held a contest through their social media channels asking contestants to post 4 photos or videos to their favorite social network sharing their life’s passion and tag the content with #IAmDriven #Contest @LandRoverUSA. Upon learning about the contest on Twitter, Pshenychny jumped for the opportunity to share her passion for illustration and to make her social media addiction actually mean something.

As one of the five First Prize winners, Pshenychny got a profile on Land Rover’s social media channels and 3 smartphone camera lenses. With her new camera lenses Pshenychny plans to take pictures of her fame so it’ll last longer.